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Swisderm Lizara Team Melebarkan Network Ke Brunei


Pada tanggal 26 Februari lalu, saya dan team drive ke Brunei  untuk urusan business dan juga introduce produk Swisderm dengan kenalan di sana. Sambil menyelam, minumlah air kan? 


Ramai yang malas buat perniagaan Networking (dulu MLM) kerana kata mereka susah cari orang. Biasalah dalam berniaga kenalah jual dengan orangkan? Kalau kita buka kedai runcit, restaurant atau gedung mewah pun kena juga jual dengan orang. Bezanya cuma dalam perniagaan Network Marketing ini kita bergerak sendirian. Tanpa memerlukan kedai atau pejabat; kerana modal pun kecil.


Tapi bagi saya, semua terpulang kepada keperluan. Jika seseorang itu terasa ada keperluan untuk melakukan sesuatu, dia akan bertindak untuk melakukannya. Bila dia masih beralasan maksudnya belum ada keperluan mendesak. Contohnya movie THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Cuma sayang sekali ramai orang kita yang sangat cepat terjerumus dengan umpan “duduk diam dapat duit”. Yang hairan bin ajaib masuk scam ini rajin pula cari orang juga kerana nak kejar bonus sponsor etc.

Apa2 saja lah. Jom berdoa agar kita semua beroleh rahmat dan rezeki yang kita cari.




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Sebenarnya networking ni Best. Sambil2 business dapat kawan baru.





Jaga penampilan wajah sambil buat duit. Maksudnya produk free guna.

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What You Must Know In Order To Succeed In Your Network Marketing Business

Yes, too stay motivated in Network Marketing Business is hard and most people don’t make it to the top.

95% quit halfway.

There are many reasons why people fail in network marketing.

However, instead of looking into each of these causes, the purpose of this article is to explain what people MUST know when they start their network marketing business so that they will have a better chance to succeed.

This is what you must know in order to succeed in your network marketing business:

1) What is your “job” scope?

2) What is expected of you in your “job”?

3) What you should expect in your “job”?

Network marketing is a business and not a job! In fact, in the network marketing or MLM circle, the acronym J.O.B. stands for:

– Just Obey Boss (Work on a job and take orders from the boss.)

– Just Over Broke (Work on a job, get paid, and after you pay all your bills, you’ll be just over broke.)

– Journey Of the Broke (Work on a job and you’ll likely end up broke after working their whole life!)

– Jump Out of Bed (Hit the alarm clock and jump out of bed each morning to get yourself ready for another day’s work.)

So, what am I talking about?


Say, you check out a job on a classified ad. You’ll be looking at the job title and then the job description. Some ads are so small that you really wonder what’s involved. So, you write that perfect job application letter, update your resume and secure your interview. And besides the salary that you’d most interested in, you’d be finding out the duties and responsibilities of the job.

Bottom line: You know the scope of your job when you get one.

Now, when you start out in your network marketing business, do you know your “job” scope?

As a network marketer, this is your “job” scope:

Understand your product and offerings

> Learn about the products especially those that you want to focus on (if your company offers a wide range)


> Find out the unique selling proposition of your products. In other words, what are the benefits of your products?

> Be a product of your products so as to know their pros and cons and you’ll be able to share from first-hand experience.


> Find out when and how was the company started

> Find out who owns it and who’s who in the management team

> Find out where are the regional offices (if any) and visit some of them if possible

> Know the company’s mission and its vision

Understand the compensation plan

> Study the compensation plan and know how to explain to others clearly

> Know the merits of your company’s compensation plan and how it compare with other compensation plans.

Understand the network marketing industry

> Find out about the network marketing industry and how it started

> Study the difference between legitimate network marketing and illegal pyramids

Build your network through duplication

> Realize that network marketing is not sales but a “people” business

> Build your network through your circle of influence and relationship, friendship, partnership and leadership

> Provide training and support to duplicate your downline business partners


> Multiply your efforts so as to grow your business exponentially through the power of LEVERAGE


Once you got that job and started working, you are expected to learn and pick up your skills from your seniors and your peers and even from your subordinates.

It is in fact not much different in network marketing. And these are the things that are expected of you:

To get into a “business” mind set

> Realize that since this is a business, you must take responsibility as a business owner

> As you are your own boss, you owe it to no one except yourself whether you succeed or fail

> A business takes time to grow, so be patient with yourself


> Network marketing is a “get rich sure” and not a “get rich quick” business

To practice the “success” mind set

> Set your goals and plan your strategy, then take action

> When you do not get the results you want, don’t give up easily but adjust your strategy and take action again

> Keep adjusting your strategy as necessary to achieve the results you want

> In this business, you cannot fail if you practice the “success” mind set

– To have the right attitudes

> In network marketing, you can only succeed if you help others succeed

> Use less of “I, me, myself” and think about how you can add value to your prospects and partners

> Be prepared to walk the extra mile and get busy once your network starts to grow

> How fast your network grows depends on you as you are the leader of your own network

> Whatever you DO, not whatever you say, is duplicated by your network

To learn the “business” skills

> It’s not money that makes you rich, it’s business skills

> Learn the basic business skills that you need to make this business work


> These are essentially inter-personal and communication skills encompassing prospecting, inviting, presenting, closing, following up, training and support

To share the business with others

> If you had started a traditional business with $100,000, would you open your door to do business everyday? Yes, of course.

> Network marketing is a word of mouth business. Thus, to do business means you simply tell others about your products or services.

> When you share your business everyday, you are in fact opening your door to do business everyday.

25488532_2217621334930622_740084429757513643_o (1)

> Sharing your business is just making a referral. Do not confuse it with selling. A good example is to refer a friend to a restaurant because you thought the food was great. However, you most likely won’t know how they cook or what ingredients the chefs use. You just loved the taste of the food or perhaps the service there.


Once you got that job and started working, you are expected to learn and pick up your skills as soon as possible but not instantly. (Unless of course you already have relevant experience in a previous similar job.) So, you actually go through a probation period of 3, 6, 12 or even 24 months. And then, initially, there’s so much to learn and so exciting. However, this wears out as time goes by…

It is in fact not much different in network marketing. And these are the things that you should expect:

There is a learning curve

> No matter how simple your product or compensation plan seems, there is simply a learning curve

> If you are starting network marketing from scratch, you need time to learn and develop the “business” and “success” mind sets as well as your “business” skills.

Your initial excitement will not last long

> Your initial excitement when you join a network marketing company can only last for 1 to 2 months

> So, you need to maintain your enthusiasm by building your belief and commitment by attending meetings, training, reading or listening to audio, etc

Replenishment is necessary

> People come and people will go whether in jobs or in network marketing

25588137_2219465144746241_7795575827458683550_o (1)

– There will always be rejection

> No one has a 100% record in sponsoring no matter how good they are.

> Realize that rejection is part of the “job” and that they are rejecting the opportunity, not you

> Dismiss the rejection by chanting, “Some will, some won’t, so what, someone else is waiting”

> There are many reasons why people reject your business opportunity. It could be due to money, time, family or personal problems, fear of rejection, fear of failure, etc.


> There is a ratio like 1 in 10 will join you after you share your business with them. So, the key is to share with as many people as possible. And the good news is that your ratio will increase.


To recap, this is what you must know in order to succeed in your network marketing business:

1) What is your “job” scope?

2) What is expected of you in your “job”?

3) What you should expect in your “job”?

In summary, your job is to share your business through word of mouth with your family and friends. So, learn to share as much as you can and you will get better each time.

However, the decision to join you or not lies with them, not you 🙂